NorthCape Custom 43 from Bluefix Boatworks on the Drawing Board

A new build from New Zealand is in progress

A Northcape Custom 43
The NorthCape Custom 43 is purpose-built for rough water. Courtesy NorthCape

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While perhaps a bit off the beaten path, Bay of Islands, New Zealand, is home to Bluefix Boatworks, builders of the NorthCape line of sport-fishers ranging in size from 24 to 75 feet in length. Currently underway is Hull No. 4, the NorthCape Custom 43. This boat features full epoxy-foam core construction with resin infusion and will be powered by twin Cummins 600 hp engines.

The boat is designed with outstanding maneuverability as a primary consideration, with a curved transom and tumblehome hull running aft, as well as a widely spaced drivetrain. Fuel efficiency and long-range capabilities have also been a focus in this design; the 43 has a fuel ­capacity of 800 gallons. Additional features include a drop-down aft window—creating an open bulkhead—along with a two-stateroom ­layout for family and crew.

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Bluefix owner and managing director Brad Rowe says: “The NorthCape Custom 43 has been designed to be outstanding in all-around rough sea conditions, which we have here off the east coast of New Zealand. It will also be an outstanding gameboat, especially for those using light tackle.”

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