New Boats of 2024

The latest breed of sport-fishing vessels is impressive
Thanks to some ­incredible ­advancements in technology, today’s sport-fishing vessels are exceptional. EG Designs

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With each passing year, it seems that boats just keep getting better. Faster, thanks to improvements in propulsion technology as well as slicker hull designs and the widespread use of wake-adapted running gear. Lighter, by way of composite cores and engines with greater horsepower-to-weight ratios. Stronger, from the use of exotic materials plus advanced construction techniques that are often borrowed from the aerospace and space-exploration industries. No matter if you prefer a small, nimble dayboat for some hardcore light-tackle action or a ­
mega-sport-fisherman capable of long-range passagemaking and the ultimate in liveaboard luxury, there’s something for you among this new breed of vessels hitting the water soon.

Release Boatworks 55

Release Boatworks 55 isolated on a white background.
Release Boatworks 55 Courtesy Release Boatworks
  • LOA: 55′
  • Beam: 16’9″
  • Draft: 4′
  • Displ.: 53,000 lb.
  • Fuel: 1,000 gal.
  • Water: 150 gal.
  • Power: Twin MAN V-8 1200

The first of the company’s new Gameboat line, the Release 55 is designed to be everything you would expect from this builder, yet refined to be a simpler fishing platform. Based on their experiences fishing on their own charter boats in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, the company’s principles found that they not only enjoyed the simplicity of these boats, but also recognized some obvious shortcomings, such as better speed, greater range, modern accommodations, and more storage. In terms of construction and fit-and-finish, the Gameboat line is no different from any other Release—these boats are designed to chase billfish and tuna, be durable and fast, yet easy to maintain, with multiple layouts that focus on rod, tackle and bait storage, with interiors and systems that deliver a low-maintenance fish-chasing vessel.

SeaVee Boats 40

SeaVee Boats 40 isolated on a white background.
SeaVee Boats 40 Courtesy SeaVee Boats
  • LOA: 39’4″
  • Beam: 11’3″
  • Draft: 2’4″
  • Displ.: 10,500 lb.
  • Fuel: 650 gal.
  • Water: 60 gal.
  • Power: Quad Outboard

SeaVee Boats has begun production of the all-new 400Z ­center-console, which will feature an innovative stepped-hull design to significantly enhance efficiency and handling. Born of offshore-racing technology, the 400Z twin stepped-hull has been optimized using proprietary semi-empirical computer modeling. To achieve the highest performance possible, the hull features unique geometry, along with a carefully engineered weight-distribution arrangement, to ensure the optimal angle of attack; this produces maximum hull lift with minimal forward resistance at typical operating speeds and conditions. All SeaVee boats are built using a state-of-the-art manufacturing process where the hull, liner, deck and console are fabricated using vacuum-assisted resin-transfer infusion. This high-tech cored unibody construction results in reduced VOC emissions, and a lighter, stronger, and higher-quality laminate.

Maverick Yachts Costa Rica 50

Maverick Yachts Costa Rica 50 isolated on a white background.
Maverick Yachts Costa Rica 50 Courtesy Maverick Yachts
  • LOA: 50′
  • Beam: 17’4″
  • Draft: 4’2″
  • Displ.: 44,000 lb.
  • Fuel: 1,100 gal.
  • Water: 150 gal.
  • Power: Twin CAT C18

Based on the success of its earlier models, Maverick Yachts is now building an updated version of its popular 50-foot custom sport-fisherman. Maverick hulls are cold-molded using three layers of 5⁄16-inch laurel blanco hardwood on a custom-designed jig, and are bonded using West System epoxy resin. Erwin Gerards of EG Yacht Designs in Jupiter, Florida, designed the hull to be both fast and seakindly, and judging by the ride, he has once again done a masterful job. The new 50 will be available with 1,100 hp Caterpillar C18 engines for improved performance; the boat currently under production will also feature a Seakeeper 9 and Simrad sonar.

Winter Custom Yachts 74

Winter Custom Yachts 74 isolated on a white background
Winter Custom Yachts 74 Courtesy Winter Custom Yachts
  • LOA: 74’3″
  • Beam: 21’6″
  • Draft: 6′
  • Displ.: 100,000 lb.
  • Fuel: 2,400 gal.
  • Water: 400 gal.
  • Power: Twin MTU 16V 2000 M96L

Hull No. 40 from the North Carolina builder will be a 74-footer designed to travel and fish tournaments along the East Coast and in the Caribbean. The layout will feature four staterooms, with interior cabinetry of horizontal book-matched high-gloss walnut and high-gloss solid-walnut trim, showcasing the builder’s woodworking abilities. The 2,400 hp MTU engines will push the vessel to a 38-knot cruise and 46-knot top end, with a fuel capacity of 2,400 gallons. Forward of the galley to port is a spacious tackle room as well as a walk-in laundry room on the opposite side, which are just a few of many custom touches found throughout.

Spencer Yachts 80

Spencer Yachts 80 isolated on a white background.
Spencer Yachts 80 Courtesy Spencer Yachts
  • LOA: 80′
  • Beam: 21’6″
  • Draft: 5’6″
  • Displ.: 120,000 lb.
  • Fuel: 4,000-plus gal.
  • Water: 400 gal.
  • Power: Twin MTU 12V 2000 M96X

The team at Spencer has announced the start of Hull No. 231: a new 80-footer. This custom build maximizes luxury with two huge master staterooms, a VIP suite and crew quarters. The elegant surroundings enhance Spencer Yachts’ signature characteristics of performance, speed and styling. The 80 will be powered by a pair of 2,600 hp MTU engines and will have integral fuel tanks for a maximum capacity of more than 4,000 gallons. Top speed is estimated at 42-plus knots. The build will also feature a full tower, custom electronics package, two 38 kW generators, Seakeeper M26, Furuno Omni sonar, and a chilled-water air-conditioning system.

Albemarle Boats Spencer Edition 53

Albemarle Boats Spencer Edition 53 isolated on a white background.
Albemarle Boats Spencer Edition 53 Courtesy Albermarle Boats
  • LOA: 53′
  • Beam: 16’6″
  • Draft: 5′
  • Displ.: 60,000 lb.
  • Fuel: 1,350 gal.
  • Water: 150 gal.
  • Power (optional): Twin CAT C18; MTU 10V 1600

Debuting at this year’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show will be the Albemarle Boats Spencer Edition 53—the result of a partnership between the two builders for a semicustom Carolina production boat. The 160-square-foot cockpit and mezzanine are decked in natural teak, with an innovative two-box ice bin, bait freezer, refrigerated drink box, tackle storage, and engine-room access all located in the mezzanine. The 53 is powered by twin MTU 10V 1600 engines, and her hull design offers the seakeeping ability for which both Albemarle and Spencer have long been known. Mechanical highlights include a 21 kW Onan generator, Seakeeper 9, FCI watermaker, and an Eskimo ice chipper. A pump room forward of the engine-room bulkhead houses the sonar and other equipment.

Scarborough Boatworks 67

Scarborough Boatworks 67 isolated on a white background.
Scarborough Boatworks 67 Courtesy Scarborough Boatworks
  • LOA: 67’6″
  • Beam: 18’6″
  • Draft: 5’6″
  • Displ.: 95,000 lb.
  • Fuel: 2,200 gal.
  • Water: 300 gal.
  • Power: MAN V-12 2000

This is the third build for one of Scarborough’s earliest customers, and will incorporate improvements learned from the two previous vessels into Hull No. 18. The 67-footer will be powered by a pair of 2,000 hp MAN engines and should cruise easily and efficiently in the ­­mid-30-knot range. The salon and staterooms will be elaborately appointed, with teak veneers and solids that were ­hand-selected by the owners, along with granite countertops and custom sinks and faucets that will pair nicely with the teak. The cockpit mezzanine seating will utilize refrigerated storage and a massive ice compartment supplied by a 1,000-pound-per-day Eskimo ice chipper. Options include Furuno Omni sonar, Seakeeper 18, two Phasor generators, and a full tower by Palm Beach Towers.

Michael Rybovich & Sons 70

Michael Rybovich & Sons isolated on a white background.
Michael Rybovich & Sons 70 Courtesy Michael Rybovich & Sons
  • LOA: 70′
  • Beam: 19’6″
  • Draft: 5’7″
  • Displ.: 90,000 lb.
  • Fuel: 2,000 gal.
  • Water: 300 gal.
  • Power: Twin CAT C32B

Hull No. 9 from the noted South Florida builder is now underway for an experienced owner who continues to release more than 100 blue marlin each year. To advance that legacy, this boat will spend most of her time in the Virgin Islands and is constructed to exceed every requirement of a hardcore fishing program. The oversize cockpit will be home to ample freezer space for traveling, tackle storage, an insulated ice bin, an insulated transom fish box/livewell, and in-deck connections for removable livewells. The four-stateroom layout features a king master, a queen VIP, and a designated tackle room that is accessible through the crews’ quarters. She’s set to splash in 2024.

Titan Custom Yachts 63

Titan Custom Yachts 63 isolated on a white background
Titan Custom Yachts 63 Courtesy Titan Custom Yachts
  • LOA: 63’8″
  • Beam: 18’6″
  • Draft: 5′
  • Displ.: 89,000 lb.
  • Fuel: 1,950 gal.
  • Water: 300 gal.
  • Power: Twin MAN V-12 2000

According to Titan owner Russ Garufi, the plan is for Hull No. 12 to be a company demonstrator. “We want a boat available to give customers the opportunity to feel the solid ride of a Titan if they are interested in our product,” he says. Once again teaming up with Roop Yacht Architecture and Design, the new 63 will be powered by MAN V-12s rated at 2,000 hp each, with an expected cruise of 37 knots and a top end of 44 knots. Mechanical features include a Seakeeper 18 and a Side-Power hydraulic positioning system with joystick, while the interior will offer three staterooms, three heads, and even custom-built canine sleeping quarters.

F&S Boatworks 82

F&S Boatworks 82 isolated on a white background.
F&S Boatworks 82 Courtesy F&S Boatworks
  • LOA: 82′
  • Beam: 21’9″
  • Draft: 5’5″
  • Displ.: 115,000 lb.
  • Fuel: 3,350 gal.
  • Water: 500 gal.
  • Power: Twin MTU 16V 2000 M96L

Scheduled for completion in fall 2024, You Never Know is the third consecutive 82-footer under construction by F&S Boatworks in Bear, Delaware. The boat has been designed to meet the specific requirements of an experienced owner and captain who fish the competitive Gulf Coast tournaments. Key features include a five-stateroom, five-head layout, a custom hardtop by Palm Beach Towers, a pair of Onan 29 kW gensets, two Seakeeper 18s, a fully custom wake-adapted drivetrain, high-capacity refrigeration/freezer units, Furuno Omni sonar, and a pressurized baitwell system with tuna tubes in multiple locations. The twin 2,600-horsepower MTUs are expected to deliver a 36-knot cruise, with a top speed of more than 43 knots.

Merritt 77

Merritt 77 isolated on a white background.
Merritt 77 Courtesy Merritt
  • LOA: 77′
  • Beam: 21’6″
  • Draft: 5’6″
  • Displ.: 125,000 lb.
  • Fuel: 2,850 gal.
  • Water: 450 gal.
  • Power: Twin MTU 16V 2000 M96L

With classic Merritt styling features—from her sleek sheerline, raked stem and classic Florida tumblehome—the 77 is founded on an advanced high-performance bottom design from Roy Merritt and naval architect Michael Peters, which produces a 36-knot cruise speed with a top end of 45 knots. As with all Merritt boats, access to pumps and air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment is unmatched with open, easy-to-service placement. This is one of the most technologically advanced boats on the water today, with a pedigree and performance that will turn heads anywhere she roams.

Ritchie Howell 64

Ritchie Howell 64 isolated on a white background.
Ritchie Howell 64 Courtesy Ritchie Howell
  • LOA: 64’8″
  • Beam: 18’4″
  • Draft: 4’10”
  • Displ.: 88,000 lb.
  • Fuel: 2,200 gal.
  • Water: 250 gal.
  • Power: Twin CAT C32B

Next up for Ritchie Howell is not one, but two 64-footers for two different clients—one located on the East Coast and one in the Gulf. Both builds share many similarities, including the newest propulsion option from Caterpillar—the 2,000 hp C32B engines—which will produce a cruise of 36 knots and a top end of 45 knots. The interiors will offer three staterooms, three-and-a-half heads, with satin teak throughout, plus teak covering boards and cockpits, Seakeepers, Furuno Omni sonars, Starlink-integrated hardtop designs, and plenty of custom features per the individual owners’ requests.

Bayliss Boatworks 60

Bayliss Boatworks 60 isolated on a white background.
Bayliss Boatworks 60 Courtesy Bayliss Boatworks
  • LOA: 60′
  • Beam: 18’6″
  • Draft: 5′
  • Displ.: 82,500 lb.
  • Fuel: 1,650 gal.
  • Water: 225 gal.
  • Power: Twin MTU 12V 2000 M96X

Next to hit the water at Bayliss Boatworks is Sequentis, a 60-foot walkaround that will be powered by two MTU 12V 2000 M96X engines and built specifically for the South Florida live-bait sailfish-tournament circuit. In collaboration with her owners and crew, the walkaround is truly one-of-a-kind from bow to stern, with 360-degree access to livewells and pitch-bait tubes, plus drying storage for kites, innovative tackle storage throughout, multiple livewells, and a cockpit rocket launcher all included in her design. Sequentis will also have the usual Bayliss standards such as a Seakeeper 18, Furuno Omni sonar, and the builder’s proprietary freshwater cooling system.

Daniels Boatworks 46

Daniels Boatworks 46 isolated on a white background.
Daniels Boatworks 46 Courtesy Daniels Boatworks
  • LOA: 46′
  • Beam: 14’6″
  • Draft: 3’2″
  • Displ.: 35,000 lb.
  • Fuel: 1,000 gal.
  • Water: 100 gal.
  • Power: Quad Mercury 600 hp

Hull No. 4 for this ­up-and-coming builder in Wanchese, North Carolina, is a 46-foot walkaround express powered by quad 600 hp Mercury outboards. Built to cruise and fish hard along Florida’s southwest coast and the Florida Keys, where the outboards will provide shallow-draft capability, this walkaround will also allow for a wide variety of angling adventures for the owner and his family. Options include a 12 kW Onan generator with a separate diesel fuel tank, Simrad sonar and a Seakeeper 6. Top speed should approach 60 miles per hour, all in a beautifully appointed custom-built package.

Vilano Boatworks 65

Vilano Boatworks 65 isolated on a white background.
Vilano Boatworks 65 Courtesy Vilano Boatworks
  • LOA: 65′
  • Beam: 19’3″
  • Draft: 5’6″
  • Displ.: 95,000 lb.
  • Fuel: 2,100 gal.
  • Water: 350 gal.
  • Power: Twin CAT C32A or C32B

Vilano, a custom builder based in St. Augustine, Florida, brings to the table a second original design by naval architect Erwin Gerards. Hull No. 2 is a triple-planked, cold-molded build that features a three-stateroom, three-head layout, designed for functionality. With Caterpillar C32A engines, the builder anticipates a top speed of 41 knots. The boat is being commissioned by a well-established team that knows how to make the best use of the 130-square-foot cockpit. She will displace approximately 95,000 pounds, draft 5 feet, 6 inches with shallow prop pockets, and feature a fuel capacity of 2,100 gallons. Hull No. 2 is expected to hit the water in summer 2024.

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