Bertram Yachts to Standardize Marine Stabilization

Current and future models will be delivered with Seakeepers

Seakeeper gyrostabilizers will now become standard equipment on all Bertram Yachts.Courtesy Bertram Yachts

Bertram Yachts Vice President of Sales Tommy Thompson says that if his company builds a hull that can go through anything, they need to be sure the owners will be comfortable when they get there. Bertram’s attentiveness to customer comfort is what drove them to standardize Seakeeper gyrostabilizers in all of the company’s new models. One of many boatbuilders that offer the option, the Tampa, Florida-based Bertram will be one of the first to include Seakeeper as a standard piece of equipment.

Seakeeper says they are seeing more yacht manufacturers installing the popular gyrostabilizer in their models. Seakeeper has literally changed the boating experience for those who suffer from sea sickness, fatigue and anxiety by eliminating up to 95 percent of boat roll.

Bertram Yachts designed the legendary 31-foot Moppie similar to the original deep-V hull founder Richard Bertram used to break the Miami-to-Nassau speed record in 1960. Today, Bertram pays homage to the classic 31-footer with its 35-foot model, built using the most advanced design and construction available.