Maverick Yachts: Behind the Boat

A Costa Rican builder with a proven history of fish-raising boats

March 8, 2016
Maverick Yachts
Welcome to Maverick Yachts, just minutes up the road from Los Sueños Resort in Costa Rica. Andrew Cox
Maverick Yachts Mahogany Drying
Jungle-grown mahogany drying until it is ready to be used. Andrew Cox
Maverick Yachts: A Pair of 50-Footers
The 50-foot sport-fisher and 50-foot cruiser sit near each other in the shop as crews work on their hulls. Andrew Cox
Maverick Yachts: Triple-Planked Mahogany
Maverick traditionally builds their hulls from triple-planked laurel, but the 50-foot sport-fisher uses three layers of mahogany instead. Andrew Cox
Maverick's 50-Foot Cruiser
The rendering of Maverick’s 50-foot cruiser under construction. Andrew Cox
Maverick's 50-Foot Sport-Fisher
The rendering of Maverick’s 50-foot sport-fisher. Andrew Cox
Hulll Work on 50-Foot Cruiser
Hull work on the 50-foot cruiser. Andrew Cox
The Last Layer of Laurel
This is the last layer of laurel before a crew puts a final layer of beautiful mahogany strips on the hull. Andrew Cox
Ready for Pods
The 50-foot cruiser will feature twin pod drives from Volvo Andrew Cox
Fiberglassing a Bulkhead
Rather than using vaccum-bagging techniques, Maverick still uses traditional fiberglassing on their detail work. Andrew Cox
Prepping Work
Prepping work on the interior of the hull on the 50-foot sport-fisher. Andrew Cox
Hull of 50-Foot Sport-Fisher
Another angle of the hull of the 50-foot sport-fisher Andrew Cox
Custom-Build Cradles
Maverick builds custom cradles for their hulls that can be used during the construction process and then bolted onto a flatbed truck for transport to the marina once the boat is complete. Andrew Cox
Tucked in the Jungle
As crews work on different aspects upstairs, you can get a sense of the shop’s location tucked into the jungle. Andrew Cox
Beautiful Lines
Even at this early stage of construction, the final layer of laurel has beautiful lines and a meticulous finish. Andrew Cox
Marine-Grade Plywood
Just arriving at the shop, the crew took on a load of high-quality marine-grade plywood. Andrew Cox
Maverick Yachts planing wood
A worker at Maverick planes a piece of wood until it is the perfect dimension for the build. Andrew Cox
A head-on view of Maverick's 50-foot cruiser.
A head-on view of Maverick’s 50-foot cruiser. Andrew Cox
Test Fit
A worker test fits a window for the 50-foot cruiser. Andrew Cox
Laurel Awaiting Its Use
Laurel awaiting its use in one of the outside sheds. Andrew Cox
The jig for the cabin on the 50-foot cruiser.
The jig for the cabin on the 50-foot cruiser. Andrew Cox
Cabin construction for the 50-foot cruiser.
Cabin construction for the 50-foot cruiser. Andrew Cox
A jig for a future Maverick sport-fisher.
A jig for a future Maverick sport-fisher. Andrew Cox

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