Bayliss 60 GameBoat Photo Gallery

Marlin had a sneak peek at the new 60-footer from Bayliss Boatworks in North Carolina

November 19, 2017

John Bayliss continues to apply the hard-earned lessons he learned as a charter captain and commercial fisherman to the custom boats he crafts with his team at Bayliss Boatworks in Wanchese, North Carolina. And while he’s understandably proud of the technological achievements in his recent builds, Bayliss also wanted to get back to his roots, crafting boats that were uniquely dedicated to fishing.

That was the motivation behind the new Bayliss GameBoat series: hardcore boats designed to run fast and fish hard, with minimal maintenance and upkeep. But make no mistake, these are not austere charter boats — every inch is unmistakably Bayliss, through and through.

The Marlin team received a sneak peek preview of Mama C, the first GameBoat 60, at the Bayliss Boatworks facility. The boat is featured in the February 2018 issue of Marlin but here’s an extended photo tour of the fishing boat.

Bayliss 60 Gameboat design
The lines are classic but the construction is modern: the GameBoat 60. Sam White

Helm Station

Bayliss 60 Gameboat helm steering wheel
The helm pod features painted faux teak for ease of maintenance, with single-lever engine controls. Sam White
Bayliss 60 Gameboat helm station
The center console helm offers plenty of room for electronics beneath a protective acrylic panel. Sam White
Bayliss 60 Gameboat helm displays
Mama C featured two Garmin primary multi-function displays plus a third backup unit from Simrad for redundancy while traveling for extended periods. Sam White

Engine Room

Bayliss 60 Gameboat engine room
The MTU M96L powerplants in the gleaming engine room, plus single generator and tool storage forward. Each engine is rated at 1,600 hp. Sam White
Bayliss 60 engine room
Another look at the boat’s MTU power. She’s fast enough to relocate to a hot bite in a hurry during a tournament. Sam White

Salon and Galley

Bayliss 60 galley
The salon and galley showed off Bayliss’ stunning woodwork. Mama C featured vertically-grained teak laid horizontally in the boat, producing a stunning and unique effect. Sam White
Bayliss 60 Gameboat interior design
Under-counter drawer-style refrigeration and freezers provide plenty of cold storage. Sam White
Bayliss 60 Gameboat interior
Identical refrigeration and freezer setup on the opposite side of the galley, plus easy-to-clean Amtico flooring. Sam White
Bayliss 60 Gameboat galley
The galley was surprisingly spacious. Sam White
Bayliss 60 Gameboat salon
Beneath the couches is cavernous tackle storage. Sam White

Stateroom and Storage

Bayliss 60 Gameboat stateroom
Rather than individual staterooms, Mama C features comfortable adult-sized bunks throughout, with storage beneath. Sam White
Bayliss 60 Gameboat stateroom
A look at the bunks and forward head layout. Sam White
Bayliss 60 Gameboat rod storage
The custom rod storage room. To the left is a full-sized freezer. Sam White
Bayliss 60 Gameboat Mama C
Beneath the boat’s step box lid are the signatures of Bayliss and all the members of the build team. Sam White

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