The Backhand Wrap

Learn it in seven easy steps

March 8, 2016
The Backhand Wrap - Step 1
Step No. 1 Staff

The backhand wrap is a critical skill to master for any deckhand encountering big gamefish like marlin, swordfish and tuna. Our seven-step guide will help you become an expert of the tactic.

Start by pinching the leader with your non-dominant hand and then, with the pinch in one hand, reach out to the leader with the other, coming up under the leader with your palm facing away and the line crossing the meat of your hand behind your pinky finger.

The Backhand Wrap - Step 2
Step No. 2 Staff

Once you’re ready, reach around and grab the leader.

The Backhand Wrap - Step 3
Step No. 3 Staff

At the same time you rotate your hand to grab the leader, use your other hand, the one holding the initial pinch, to bring the line across the back of the hand that grabbed the leader.

The Backhand Wrap - Step 4
Step No. 4 Staff

Continue guiding the line with your pinch hand so it crosses the back of your wrap hand and settles in the space between the thumb and forefinger.

The Backhand Wrap - Step 5
Step No. 5 Staff

You now have a single wrap. There are two more steps remaining.

The Backhand Wrap - Step 6
Step No. 6 Staff

Continue to make a second wrap using the overhand wrap, coming up under the leader with your thumb up and palm facing your body.

The Backhand Wrap - Step 7
Step No. 7 Staff

Continue rotating through. You now have the desired two wraps around your glove. Practice makes perfect, so keep going through the steps until the backhand wrap is second nature.


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