Kona Winter

There’s no bad time to fish in Hawaii

The winter season so far has been a steady one for the Benchmark team, fishing out of Kona’s Honokohou Small Boat Harbor. In this episode of Visions of Granders, Capt. Chris Donato field-tests a new electronic teaser called a Game Raiser that’s made in Australia. This was a product that was introduced at ICAST this year that produces plenty of strobes and flashes in the water; while testing is still underway, the team did raise multiple sailfish, which is virtually unheard of in Kona waters. With the sailfish out of the way they were able to release a blue marlin later in the day. Along the way, we’re treated to some stunning vistas of the Kona countryside, including a look at the observatory on Mauna Kea on a very clear day. 

It’s been said that the best time to fish for blue marlin in Hawaii is when you can get there, and we’d have to agree. There’s no bad season in Kona. 

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