Summer Continues in Kona

Busy charters and blue marlin

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Summertime in Kona means ever-changing conditions. When the small baitfish show up on the inshore ledges, they’re usually followed by larger species like skipjack and small tuna, which are the preferred prey for blue marlin, according to Capt. Chris Donato. But when there’s a shift in the currents or the weather patterns and winds clock around from a different direction, it’s time to go on the hunt. That’s why a spread of trolling lures is the preferred technique in Hawaii, so captains can actively cover ground as they search for fish.

It’s typically flat-calm in the lee of the Big Island. In this episode, Donato and his charter parties catch several blue marlin as well as a bonus spearfish. This also features some textbook wiring so be sure to watch as the deckhand expertly handles the leader at boatside.

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