Massive Marlin Catch: A Look Back

A look back at a 1,477-pound blue marlin caught off Tahiti

marlin thum

Courtesy of Tetuaura Ti-paon (Facebook)

The five-year anniversary of Tahiti resident Tetuaura Ti-paon's 1,477-pound blue marlin, one of the largest weighed blue marlin of all-time. Her recent Facebook post commemorated her giant catch five years ago to date. It was so big, that when it was weighted, they had to use construction equipment to pick it up. It toppled the scales at 1,477 pounds. This Pacific blue marlin was commercially caught, so it didn't qualify for the IGFA record books; the largest blue marlin ever caught under IGFA rules weighed 1,402 pounds and caught off Brazil. The largest Pacific blue marlin ever caught by IGFA rules weighed 1,376 pounds.