Teaser-Reel Alarm

Marlin DIY: Setting up a homemade teaser reel alarm

marlin tips teaser reel
marlin tips teaser reel

On the same trip that I saw Butch Cox’s tape trick, I saw another cool teaser-reel technique while fishing with Capt. Ken Ross on Amirita, a 64-foot Hatteras.

When the captain is looking ahead or scanning the water, radar and sonar for birds, bait, etc., he doesn't always see the bite. If he's trolling along and gets a quick, short teaser bite that he wasn't quick enough to see, he might not even know which side the bite was on. To avoid having this problem, Ross attaches a Blacks release clip to a suction cup and then positions the clip at an angle out from his teaser reels. Now when the fish taps the teaser, it springs the clip — and instantly signals which side the bite was on.
Dave Ferrell
Orlando, Florida**_