Gaff and Tag Stick Storage

I've tried several different methods of storage for my flyers...

Trying to find a good place to store all of your unwieldy flying gaffs and tag sticks can be a bit of a pill on storage-strapped traveling boats. They need to be out of the way, but they also need to be readily accessible in case of a rush situation and easy to put away when you're done with them.

I've tried several different methods of storage for my flyers, but I recently stumbled across what I consider the best option to date. I mount three rod, gaff and brush (RGB) holders from Deep Blue Marine in a semicircle that matches the curves of the gaffs I'm securing, down on the front wall of my engine room. They hold everything perfectly - the bungee cords mounted in the holders even stretch out to hold the gaff ropes as well. I mount the gaff handles and tag sticks on the ceiling overhead, right in front of the heads, using Rupp rod hangers.

When the opportunity presents itself, the mate can have the gaffs assembled and secured to the chair's base in just a few minutes.

Capt. Al Roper
Venice, Louisiana