Simple Outrigger Ring Setup

How to minimize the number of crimps and swivels around your stainless rings on the outrigger halyards

June 27, 2016

I recently modified the stainless rings on our outrigger halyards that my bridge teasers run through. To deal with line twist in the monofilament halyards, you must use high-quality ball-bearing swivels or snap swivels on both sides of the rings. In the past, I’ve used snap swivels crimped onto the halyard, or had plain swivels crimped in line and then crimped again to the ring with another short piece of mono. However, this method means that you have to use three crimps on each side; with either the snaps or plain swivels, that’s just something else that the lines could get wrapped around or hung up on.

cleaner rings on fishing boat
A custom ring setup with just two crimps needed. Capt. Randy Baker

To get the sleekest ring setup possible, I held the ring in a vise and cut it open with a hacksaw. Then I slid my swivels onto the ring and had the ring re-welded. Now, I have a cleaner, sleeker halyard line with just two crimps holding my ring in place.


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