The Seychelles: Sneak Peek

A hidden gem in the Indian Ocean offers great fishing

November 21, 2016

Marlin senior editor Sam White headed halfway around the world to the Seychelles from his home in Florida to sample some of the outstanding offshore fishing that’s available in the Indian Ocean. The entire adventure will be featured in an upcoming issue of Marlin but here’s a sneak peek from the trip.

Abu Dhabi welcome
Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates is about 14 hours from JFK Airport in New York City. From there, it’s another five and a half hours to Mahe, Seychelles, which is located about 995 miles east of Kenya. Sam White
Indian Ocean sunrise
Sunrise over the Indian Ocean. Sam White
leaving Mahe Seychelles
Leaving Mahe, the largest of the Seychelles Islands. The run to the fishing grounds is about two hours at 22 knots. Sam White
Black Bart teaser lure
The fishing style would mix light tackle for sails and game fish with heavier outfits for black marlin. Teasers like this Black Bart play an important part in the bait-and-switch strategy. Sam White
Henry Riggs-Miller preps a ballyhoo and circle hook combination. Sam White
yellowfin tuna
Marlin senior editor Sam White with a chunky yellowfin tuna. These were so plentiful the team had to troll away from the schools in order to target other species. Sam White
black marlin
White’s first black marlin comes to the surface. The fish fell for a single-hooked pink-and-white Moldcraft Super Chugger, fished in the short rigger position. Sam White
black marlin release
First mate Mangi Katana prepares to release the black marlin, estimated to weigh around 200 pounds. Sam White
yellowfin tuna
Marlin videographer Stevan Llewellyn also got in on the action with this nice tuna. Sam White
coca cola can in arabic
It’s a long way from home when your morning can of Coca-Cola looks like this. Sam White
mahimahi indian ocean
Mangi Katana with a big Indian Ocean mahimahi. Sam White
satellite tag
The team had a chance to participate in the annual Seychelles Big Game Classic. Mate Luembe Mwafungo prepares a satellite tag, which was deployed on a black marlin that was tagged during the event. The Marlin team finished in second place. Sam White
black marlin sat tag
This black marlin also fell for the same pink-and-white Moldcraft lure fished in the same position. It was tagged with a satellite tag as part of the International Great Marlin Race. Sam White
Denis Island aerial
After three days of fishing out of Mahe, the team headed by air 60 miles north to Denis Island, home to one of the world’s most exclusive resorts (and some outstanding fishing action). Sam White
sailfish tag and release
A fired-up Indian Ocean sailfish erupts from the water on light tackle. This fish was also successfully tagged and released. Sam White
Denis Island beaches
Denis Island is home to some incomparably beautiful beaches. Sam White
sashimi denis island
The fresh catch of the day: tuna and mahimahi sashimi. Sam White
two hook kenyan rig
Mangi Katana shows off a two-hook Kenyan strip bait rig that proved to be deadly for both wahoo and tuna. Sam White
Denis island wahoo
White and Riggs-Miller with a nice Denis Island wahoo. The wahoo were so voracious that the pair used small strip baits to pitch-bait them off the teasers on light tackle. Sam White
black bart lures
Larger lures were fished on the outriggers from heavy tackle for black marlin. Sam White
alashi cabo denis island
Alati at rest off Denis Island. The 45-foot Cabo Express was a great package to chase blacks on heavy tackle and sails on lighter gear. Sam White
beach and palm tree seychelles
Beautiful scenery abounds at every turn in the Seychelles. Sam White

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