Seaguar Premier Leader

Fluoro Premier, Solves the Knot-Strength Problem

Seagur Premier

Seagur Premier

One of the most commonly cited arguments against using fluorocarbon line is its poor knot strength. It’s great that fish have a hard time seeing it, but what good does that do you if your knot breaks under heavy drag? Seaguar’s most advanced leader brand, Fluoro Premier, solves the knot-strength problem, boasting 42 percent greater knot strength than its leading fluorocarbon competitors.

Developed with Seaguar’s exclusive Double Structure Technology, Fluoro Premier Leader offers a smaller diameter and increased strength in an incredibly soft line with low memory. This makes the leader ideal for any fishing, from 12- to 80-pound, in fresh or salt water. As with all 100 percent fluorocarbon products, Fluoro Premier Leader is much harder to see underwater than monofilament line and is virtually invisible to fish. Fluoro Premier is also UV resistant, chemical resistant, nonabsorbent, high density and impervious to cold conditions.

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