Sandman Wins Final Sail

Quest for the Crest Series Goes to Utopia
Sandman team wins 2016 Final Sail tournament in Key West, Florida.
Sandman released 21 sailfish in three days to win the 2016 Final Sail tournament. Courtesy Endless Imagery /

In a hard-fought battle in the seas off Key West, Florida, it would be Sandra MacMillan’s Sandman team emerging victorious in the Final Sail tournament, held April 12-17, 2016. Sandman, captained by John Louie Dudas, released 21 sailfish in three days to win the event and pocket the $40,000 check for first place (once the optional jackpots were included, the team took home over $260,700 for the tournament). Utopia finished second with 18 sailfish releases, and 4 Aces was third in the tournament with 14 sails released. Utopia‘s strong finish put them ahead for good in the Quest for the Crest standings as well, making them the series champion team. In the Final Sail event, 36 boats released a total of 290 sailfish in three days.

Captain's meeting for the Final Sail tournament
A great party starts with great food and the Final Sail captain’s meeting was certainly no exception. Endless Imagery /
Les Stewart Contender Boats
Les Stewart, right, from Contender Boats was on hand to wish everyone good luck during the tournament. Endless Imagery /
Stephanie Choate and Capt. Ray Rosher at the Final Sail in Key West, Florida
Capt. Ray Rosher, right, and Stephanie Choate were all smiles during the welcome party. Endless Imagery /
Sandman's Sandra MacMillan and John Louie Dudas, first place in the 2016 Final Sail tournament.
Sandra MacMillan and Sandman skipper Capt. John Louie Dudas (with check) enjoy their first place win in the 2016 Final Sail tournament. Courtesy Endless Imagery /
Key West sunset
The participants were treated to a spectacular Key West sunset as the welcome party wound to a close. Endless Imagery /
Boats return to Final Sail after Day One
A few of the tournament boats return to port from the first day’s fishing. Endless Imagery /
C1 team costa and contender
C1 drops off their scorecards to the tournament committee before heading back to the dock. Endless Imagery /
Utopia was second in the 2016 Final Sail tournament in Key West, Florida.
Utopia came in second in the Final Sail event with 18 sailfish released in three days on the water. Courtesy Endless Imagery /
Utopia team Sea Hunter
Utopia had a great first day in their SeaHunter, setting the stage for their eventual second-place finish in the Final Sail tournament. Endless Imagery /
Just Do It Key West sailfishing
Just Do It had a fine day offshore, keeping themselves in the hunt for a top finish. Endless Imagery /
Peter Adrian 4 Aces Final Sail Key West, FL
Peter Adrian’s 4 Aces crew was happy with their finish: third overall plus second place in several daily jackpots for a nice payday. Endless Imagery /
Sandman winners of 2016 Final Sail in Key West Florida
Sandman heads in with flags flying. They released 21 sailfish in three days to win the tournament. Endless Imagery /
Sandman winners of Final Sail in Key West Florida
The champagne flies for Sandra MacMillan and the Sandman team once their victory was announced. Endless Imagery /
Utopia wins the 2016 Quest for the Crest series championship title.
The Utopia team earned enough points to win the overall Quest for the Crest series championship, donning the customary maroon blazers at the awards celebration on Sunday. Courtesy Endless Imagery /

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