Stuart Sailfish Club’s 61st Annual Light Tackle Tournament Results

Toast for the win in one of the closest tournaments in club history.



Toast 2014 Light Tackle Tournament Winners

Six boats, each with six releases, led the pack just after lines in on the last day of fishing during the 61st annual Stuart Sailfish Club's Light Tackle Tournament held at Sailfish Point December 11-14, 2014. This was a very fitting finale to one of the closest tournaments in club history.

The energy was palpable as boats pulled in transom to transom at the end of each day. The fleet of 16 enjoyed complimentary dockage in the prestigious gated community of Sailfish Point. Rounds of Golf, Incredible dinners, and plenty of fish tales complimented this longstanding, traditional, dead-bait release tournament.

The Stuart Sailfish Club was proud to introduced a newly formed sister tournament, the Florida Sailfish Amateur Championship. This brought an additional 9 boats to the docks who competed two of three days rather than the three of three day format set by the Light Tackle.

Friends and family followed the standings online as the boats battled it out fish by fish. The field remained even throughout the tournament with a double release enough to take the lead at anytime. When it all shook out, Toast with Captain Ross Clark, and owner, Ron Martin took the first place finish with 10 fish, Apava with Captain Scott Fawcett, and owner, David Przysinda took the second place finish with 9 fish, and_ J-Hook_ captained by Michael "Dewey" Price, took the third place spot with owner, Ed Jillson and 8 sailfish releases.

The Florida Sailfish Amateur Championship had a big finish with Tokatomist owner Thomas Howd and anglers releasing 5 fish in their two days of fishing followed by Fintasim, owner Mike Rawd, and Class One, owner Bill Fitchett, each releasing one sailfish. The Amateur Championship, with boats ranging in size from 29’ to 61’, proved to be a great success introducing new teams to the tournament circuit.