2019 Offshore Art Gallery

Artists submit their finest for 2019

Art has always told a story. Early humans used it to keep historical and evidential records; without visual art, we would have no knowledge of the ancient world. As the written word became the standard for record keeping, art continued to evolve as decoration, but also as a way of telling a visual story. For lovers of all things big-game, no matter what the medium, art continues to evoke our passion for the sea and the sport. Welcome to this year’s gallery.

Drop-Belly Sailfish , Hanes Hoffman
metal sculpture of a drop-belly sailfish by hanes hoffman
Hand-formed flame-painted copper; 38" x 22"; available
Hanes Hoffman
First Look , Alex Wexler
pen and ink illustration of marlin on coffee-stained paper
Pen and ink on paper stained with coffee; 24" x 18"; available
Alex Wexler
Blue Fin Tuna Ball , Jason Mathias
painting of blue fin tuna ball
Mixed media; 24" x 26"; prints available
Jason Mathias
King of the Gulf Stream , Guy Crittenden
oil painting of a marlin underwater
Oil on canvas; 18" x 24"; sold
Guy Crittenden
White Marlin , Armando Hevia
stainless steel sculpture of a white marlin
Stainless steel; 7'; available
Armando Hevia
On the Ball , Michael Hoffman
acrylic painting of marlin circling a ball of fish
Acrylic; 30" x 48"; sold
Michael Hoffman
Mahi's Mayhem , James Miller
acrylic painting of mahi dolphin
Acrylic on canvas; 20" x 16"; original and giclees available
James Miller
Reader's Choice: Menace Mermaid, Craig Brumfield
hand engraved cutout scrimshaw depicting marlin and marine life
Hand-engraved cutout scrimshaw with hand-carved clay base; available craigbrumfield.comCraig Brumfield