Petition: Ban Long-Line Fishing in Bermuda Waters

You can follow the link below to take action

The following came in from a concerned Marlin reader...

This petition is about protecting our marine environment. That's why I signed a petition to Bermuda Government, which says:

"The Bermuda Government has started talks aimed at licensing foreign fishing vessels that catch fish in Bermuda¹s 200-mile maritime exclusive economic zone. These fishermen often use long-lines to catch fish. This method of fishing reaps indiscriminate, wholesale destruction upon our fragile marine environment. We believe that Bermuda would be far better off if it managed its marine environment with the aim of developing eco-tourism. We conclude that the economies of eco-tourism far outweigh the economies of long-line fishing.

We therefore ask that the Bermuda Government take a stand on the side of our marine environment and pass legislation which bans long-line fishing."