Pending Bluefin Tuna Record By Female Junior Angler

Jenna Gavin's 618-pound bluefin tuna shatters previous record by 189 pounds.



Photo By Russell Kleppinger

The Female Junior Angler Record for Bluefin tuna may have toppled on October 7th when 12-year-old Jenna Gavin of Antingonish, Nova Scotia caught a giant bluefin weighing 618 pounds, shattering the previous record by 189 pounds. The recent bluefin fishing in Nova Scotia has been incredible over the last week with several granders being released. The captain and crew knew there was an opportunity for Jenna to catch here world record bluefin tuna.

Jenna Gavin, the daughter of Capt. John Gavin from Giant Bluefin Tuna Charters, battled the bluefin tuna for over two hours as the tuna pushed her to the brink of tears throughout the fight. The crew aboard for the pending world record was comprised of first-mate Russell Kleppinger, second-mate (and mother of Jenna) Chandra Gavin, and gaff-men Craig Gavin and Darvin Garvie. First-mate, Russell Kleppinger recalled the special event: "I watched that little girl break into tears after hours of 35 lbs of drag against her before I could get a shot at the leader and sink some steel in it!"

The pending record would top the previous junior female angler record for bluefin tuna which was caught on August 23, 2002 by Ms. Andrea George in Sausset, France and weighed 430 pounds.