Naira Wins in Curacao

Curacao Yacht Club hosted the 49th Annual Blue Marlin Release Tournament

Naira Wins

Curacao Yacht Club’s 49th Annual Blue Marlin Release Tournament

Naira released two blue marlin during the Curacao Blue Marlin Release Tournament to claim top honors.

More than 120 fishermen on 34 yachts and boats from Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, Venezuela, Spain and the United States gathered during the weekend of March 28, 2015, for the Curacao Yacht Club’s 49th Annual Blue Marlin Release Tournament. The tournament is the second oldest open fishing tournament in the Caribbean and in 1994 the Curacao Yacht Club joined the fight for conservation, forming alliances with the International Game Fishing Association and The Billfish Foundation. Since then, the tournament has required the release of any blue marlin caught during the tournament weighing less than 500 pounds.

The Curacao Yacht Club 49th Annual International Orco Bank Blue Marlin Release Tournament hosted a number of pre-tournament events and activities for fishermen, families and friends. The annual event has grown significantly and is now more than ever devoted to promoting and growing the sport of fishing on the island. The tournament is also dedicated to promoting lady anglers and junior anglers through additional prizes for lady and junior angler awards.

This year the tournament offered $30.000 in cash prizes and thousand of dollars in additional prizes. The crew aboard Naira released two blue marlin during the tournament to take home first place and $10,000 in winnings, beating out Aruba-based Alina on time who also released two blue marlin and finished in second place. Le Grand Blue from Bonaire released one blue marlin and finished in third place. The top angler was Izaira Mansur on Alina, and the top captain of the tournament was Bincho Mansur aboard Naira. The winner for best junior angler went to Kai van der Lubbe on Just Us from Curacao, and the best female angler prize went to Izaira Mansur on Alina. _T__alika _from Aruba took home the prize for most sailfish released.

The largest dorado was caught by Jackie Croes on Alina and the largest wahoo was caught by Barry d'Abreu de Paulo on Picante from Curacao. The largest tuna was caught by Nubarrón from Venezuela. Le Grand Blue received the award for the first release of the tournament and to Just Us was awarded for the last release.