Bubba Carter Fund Set Up After Legendary Captain Injured in Costa Rica

Friends and family ask for help through donations

bubba fund

bubba fund

The following is from a site set up by some friends of Bubba Carter - and we'd encourage any Marlin readers who are also fans to visit the site and help however they can...

_As you know, Capt. Bubba Carter took a hard fall on the dock in Costa Rica the 3rd week of March and busted his leg up really bad. He's in pretty bad shape & going to be laid up for quite a while and unable to fish.

We Fish Heads need to rally and help our dear friend with his medical bills, etc. We've created this website to make it easier for people to help. Every little bit helps and Capt. Bubba will use the e-mail you provide with your donation to give you a shout and thank you for your help.

God bless you and Capt. Bubba Carter!!!

Sincere thanks,
Friends of Capt. Bubba :)