Angler Dispatch: Bill-Less Photos of Blue Marlin

See the report and photos hailing from Bermuda of a blue marlin without its bill.

November 7, 2014
Dan Jacobs and his son Nick fishing it up.

My boy, Nick, caught his first blue marlin in Bermuda on a day we caught three total blues aboard the Off Piste with owner/captain Brian Lines and mate Dano Lee.

The day was special. As a dad, I got to wire the fish and he was able to catch one of his own about 250-pounds later in the day, which was part of a double header. Dan Grissom caught the other estimated 500-pound blue marlin.

Nick’s fish was about 150 pounds and appeared to have lost its entire bill at some point. The area of flesh usually surrounding the bill at the base was there, but the entire bill was gone. I’ve seen fish with partial bills and even missing bills, but never one missing the entire bill below the connecting flesh. The fish was healthy and seemed not to suffer from missing the bill.


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