All Oceans Club Mothership Departs For Mexico

All Oceans Club 128' Mothership Departs For Mag Bay Mexico

All Oceans Club

All Oceans Club

San Diego, CA - The All Oceans Club announced today its planned departure of its 128' Mothership Support Vessel from Ensenada, Mexico on September 15th, 2012 for Magdalena Bay, Mexico. The club recently released its 2012 sailing schedule to its membership detailing plans for members to fish, dive, surf and explore the greater Magdalena Bay area fromSanta Maria Bay to Man O War cove deep inside one of the Pacific Ocean's largest marine estuaries. Starting October 13th, 2012, the "Royal Pelagic" will be anchored in any one of the bays prime locations through the end of November. Depending upon game fish migrations that explode in the area annually, during the fall the schedule may stretch well into December.

All Oceans Club is an exclusive membership club based aboard a 128’ long range mothership platform that specializes in provisioning at sea in the hottest fishing and cruising locations off the Mexican and Central American coastlines. The ship features six luxury suites, offshore game boats, smaller inshore game boats, Waverunners, 45,000 gallons of fuel, upper deck dinning, sunset bar, movie theater and a variety of other amenities.

All Oceans Club aims to provide a new dimension to boating activities in remote locations,” said Griff Alker, All Oceans Club founder and owner. “Our -1-team is dedicated to ocean hospitality and doing everything possible to optimize member’s chances at catching the fish or wave of their lifetime while enjoying superlative camaraderie with fellow ocean enthusiasts.” The club and its amenities will provide unparalleled access to the waters off the Western U.S., Mexico and Central America. Use of the club’s game boats allows members to fish, dive and surf remote locations without putting long range hours on their own vessel. All Oceans Club brings the experience of elite mothership ownership to a greater range of boat owners and ocean enthusiasts.

The All Oceans Club will arrive in Magdalena Bay on October 13th to provide support for its members throughout the region. “Convenience and access to one of the world’s most remote marine environments is what it’s all about,” said club member Jim Bonnell, “having the ability to fly down to these remote locations with four of my friends for a week of off-the-charts fishing, spectacular scenery, deluxe accommodations and a couple days surfing epic waves has incredible value. By the time I leave I’m completely recharged.”

–– Source: All Oceans Club