42nd Annual Sea Horse Anglers Club Bermuda Billfish Tournament Results

Sea Toy rallies to win the 42nd Annual Sea Horse Anglers Club Bermuda Billfish Tournament

July 22, 2015
sea toy

Team Sea Toy

First Place Team, Day 2 Release Jackpot and Overall Release Jackpot winners earned $66,850 and a Steve Goione print, a trophy plaque, Gosling’s Rum and an invitation to compete at the Offshore World Championship in Quepos, Costa

On the first day of fishing (July 15-19), 29 boats and 260 anglers went out into the mighty blue briny in search of marlin. The total matched the previous years showing there was some stiff competition to be had by all boats both local and visiting. A total of 10 billfish (nine blues and one white) were released on day one and it was junior angler Sales de La Barre leading the way with two blue marlin releases putting Mama Who on top with 1,000 points. Sum Girl and Mattanza each released two blues as well putting them second and third place in the standings based on release times.

Fishing picked up on day two with a total of 14 billfish (8 blues and 6 whites) caught. At noon, Amarula Sun called in a hook up with angler Chris Carrer in the chair. The fight lasted just over three hours leading many to speculate it was a sizeable fish. They decided to boat it and once it got to the scales, it certainly was a big one weighing in at a very respectable 605 pounds. This gave them a double daily award as no qualifying fish had been caught on Day 1. This fish would hold through to the last day as the largest of the tournament giving Amarula Sun a nice payday of $84,000. Great job for the team of Captain Danny Veid, mate Tommy Koulouris, Mike Julian, Sharyn Craig, Raymond Craig and Jane Galati. After checking in at the video verification table, the day ended with Sea Toy jumping into second place by releasing a blue and two whites trailing first place team Mama Who by just 100 points.

The great marlin action Bermuda is known for was certainly saved for the last day. In a frantic finish, 8 of the 16 billfish caught (10 blues, 5 whites and 1 spear fish) were hooked in the last hour and 15 minutes of fishing. One of these fish was on Mattanza who battled after lines out on a nice one. The formula of length and girth put it at an estimated weight of 513 lbs making it close to the 500 lb minimum. They now had a decision to make as a release guaranteed them third place, but a boated fish over the 500 lbs would give them third place along with the daily largest blue marlin jackpot. They chose to boat it and once they made it to the scales, the fish weighed in well above the estimate at 575 pounds.


On the final day of fishing, Sea Toy released a blue and a white earning them 700 points on the day and 2,100 total points for the tournament earning them first honors over Mama Who who finished in second with 2,000 points. Sea Toy also won the Day 2 release jackpot as well as the overall release jackpot for total winnings of $66,850. The team consisted of Captain Bull Tulson, DJ De Jarnette, Rob Moore, Frank Rodriguez, Mary Ellen Rodriguez, Tyler Beckford and Taylor Beckford.

Mama Who came in second place overall and Sales de La Barre took both top junior angler and overall high point angler honors. Sales received the junior trophy, the overall high point trophy, a case of Goslings ginger beer, a Shimano reel compliments of Fly Bridge Tackle and a Steve Goione print. They also took home second in the overall release points jackpot and the day 1 release jackpot taking home a total of $49,150. Not to mention enough overall points from the Billfish Blast and Big Game Classic to take home the 2015 Bermuda Triple Crown with 3200 points. Congratulations to Team Mama Who!

The team on Mattanza took third place overall and the third day blue marlin jackpot for a total of $26,950! Great job by Captain Brooks Rans, mate Kyle Bohannon, Tomas Irizzary, Kyle Bohannon, Tara Manners, Kyle Sherman, Richard Ricca and of course the man who caught the fish, Parke Berolzheimer.


Sum Girl walked away with a check for $9,000 for coming third in the overall release jackpot category by releasing two blue marlin over the three days. The team consisted of Captain Ricky Sousa, Jr., mate Nick Cabral, Slayton Outerbridge, Shane Diets, Hamish Burns, Andy Pereira, Ricky Sousa and Kevin Fox.

Reel Addiction with Captain Craigin Curtis, mate Mark Terceira, Mark Henneberger, Carter Frith, Jonathan Reiss, Kevin Alexander, Jeff Smith, Dean Rea, Angus Crumley, Mathew McRay and Blake Legge caught two blues on day 3 to take the day 3 billfish release jackpot. This netted them a healthy $16,800!

Lady angler Laura Russell on Hit ‘N Run came away as the top lady angler with a blue marlin release. Laura received a Penn reel courtesy of Fly Bridge Tackle, a Steve Goione print, a custom Sea Horse plaque and a bottle of Goslings Black Seal.


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