Moises Mug Named Head of Costa Rican Fisheries

FECOP’S former Director of Science to govern Costa Rican Fisheries as head of INCOPESCA

Moises Mug, the new head of INCOPESCA.Courtesy FECOP

With a master’s degree in Fisheries Science from the University of Oregon and many other academic achievements to his credit, Moises Mug understands the importance of Costa Rica’s fragile marine environment, as well as the value sport-fishing brings to the country’s tourism dollar. Formerly the director of FECOP, a sport-fishing and conservation advocacy group, he brings 32 years of fishery conservation, policy and planning experience to his new position as director of INCOPESCA.

Mug is well-known for his recent project, informally known as the Tuna Decree, which focuses on a 200,000-square-kilometer patch of territorial water, aimed at reducing conflicts with Costa Rican commercial and sport-fishing fleets and pushing tuna seiners 45 miles from the coast. In addition, he was able to convince the Costa Rican government to reduce the number of foreign fleet tuna licenses more than 66 percent. Both moves were widely hailed as successful in returning good tuna fishing to the country after years of decimation.