Grand Slam for 89-Year-Old Angler

Costa Rica fishing continues to amaze

Bart Weisman grand slam
Eduardo Diaz, Capt. Bubba Carter, Bart Weisman and Rigan Tenorio celebrate Weisman's personal grand slam, caught off Los Sueños, Costa Rica, on January 24, 2017 on Carter's charter boat, Tijereta. Weisman released a blue marlin, striped marlin and four sailfish, hooking and fighting each fish to release himself.Courtesy Tijereta

The fishing in Costa Rica is red-hot right now. Just ask 89-year-old Bart Weisman, who released a grand slam (blue marlin, striped marlin and four sailfish) on January 24, 2017.

Weisman, from Boca Raton, Florida, was fishing for several days with Capt. Bubba Carter on Tijereta when he caught his slam, hooking and fighting each fish to release himself.

“I’ve been fishing longer than I care to say,” Weisman says with a chuckle. “I moved to Florida in 1977 and that’s when I started doing a lot of offshore fishing. I’ve been to a lot of different places: the Bahamas, St. Thomas. I was fishing in Venezuela back before Chavez was there, and it was great fun.”

Bart Weisman grand slam
The 89-year-old Weisman has no intention of slowing down any time soon. He still had several more days booked with Carter and looked forward to more great fishing.Courtesy Tijereta

He’s been fishing with Bubba Carter since the renowned captain’s early days in Flamingo Bay, Costa Rica, where he was just one of a handful of boats available for charter. Weisman followed the popular skipper when he relocated to Los Sueños, and both agree that it’s a near-perfect location. “It’s a beautiful place, and the fishing is better than ever,” Weisman reports. “I love it. I have a couple fishing days left in this trip, and with luck I’ll be back next year!”

The following day, January 25, Weisman caught two more blue marlin and a handful of sailfish, again hooking and fighting each one himself. “The first blue I just used the belt, but the second I had to get in the chair — it was a good one, nice and big.”