Los Cabos Billfish Tournament 2015 Highlights

​​Team catches 180-pound tuna after 5-hour fight

There’s an old adage in big-game fishing that says that, "it’s more than likely that the biggest fish will eat the bait on the smallest rod and reel."

That’s exactly what happened to La Brisa when a giant yellowfin tuna piled onto a 30-pound outfit at 2:30 p.m.

The team had out the lighter tackle to pitch to a dorado on the Jaime Bank. A large tuna on that kind of tackle can test even the hardiest of anglers and several members of the team from Michigan including Frank Bono, Wayne Winter and Mark Poland took turns over a 5-hour period to finally subdue the fish at 7:46 p.m. The yellowfin finally made it back to the scales at around 9 p.m. to take the Daily Tuna Jackpot.

On the marlin side, El Suertudo lived up to its name by taking a chance late in the day on a blue marlin caught by angler Bruce McDonald of California that was very close to the minimum weight of 300 pounds. The fish bit at 4:11 and Capt. Greg DiStefano, realizing that no fish had been boated, put a tape on the fish before putting it in the boat and got a 100-inch measurement from the lower jaw to the fork, signifying the fish had a good chance of weighing in excess of 300 pounds. The measurement turned out to be a true representation and the fish weighed 312-pounds on the scale. This blue took home all the Daily Marlin on the Dock for Day Two and Level IV Jackpot that rolled over from Day One. So far the fish has earned $80,000, and is still leading the Largest Marlin Jackpot since the team that caught the 419-pound black on Day One was not entered into the Largest Marlin Jackpot or the Level IV Jackpot. It also puts team El Suertudo in second place in the Overall Team division.

The Daily Billfish Release Jackpot was earned by team Reel Gold releasing four sailfish and three striped marlin. There were no qualifying dorado or wahoo weighed so those Jackpots roll to the final day of fishing.

The third and final day of the Los Cabos Billfish tournament got underway this morning with flat calm seas and minimal winds greeting the 37-team fleet. ​​ This year teams registered in the Los Cabos Billfish tournament are competing for more than $445,000 in cash and prizes, making it a great event to start the tournament season in Cabo San Lucas.

For more information, visit http://www.loscabostournaments.com/.