A Day On Long Island

This Bahamian hot spot offers plenty to do when not chasing marlin offshore.

June 6, 2016
Flying Fish Marina Long Island Bahamas
It’s either the first stop coming back into the Bahamas from the southern Caribbean or the last stop when you’re leaving and heading south, but either way Flying Fish Marina has everything required for a traveling sport-fishing operation. Andrew Cox
Flying Fish Marina Long Island
Pull up a chair: The views from the upper deck of the store at Flying Fish Marina are spectacular. Andrew Cox
Flying Fish Marina Long Island Bahamas
Don’t just bring the large sport-fisher, towing a center-console with you through the Bahamas can add to the diversity of the activities you and the family can enjoy. Andrew Cox
Flying Fish Marina
The boats in the marina are protected by a breakwater, making it an ideal place to spend a couple days or even a few weeks exploring the entire region. Andrew Cox
Flying Fish Marina
Flying Fish Marina is a favorite stop for boats traveling through the Bahamas. Andrew Cox
Flying Fish Marina
A lot of familiar boat names have visited Flying Fish Marina over the years and placed their mark along the way. Andrew Cox
Dean's Blue Hole Long Island Bahamas
Dean’s Blue Hole is the deepest blue hole in the entire world and several free-diving competitions are hosted here throughout the year. Andrew Cox
Max's Conch Bar and Grill
Nothing says the Bahamas like Kalik, and you won’t go far without seeing a sign for this Bahamian favorite. Andrew Cox
Max's Conch Bar and Grill
Max’s Conch Bar and Grill is a roadside stand that serves arguably the best conch salad on the entire island. It opened more than 20 years ago — Max has been serving his famous conch salad daily ever since. Andrew Cox
Max's Conch Bar and Grill
Max’s conch salad matched with a rum and Coke is a tough combination to beat. Andrew Cox
Conch Shack Long Island Bahamas
In the quest to find the best conch salad on Long Island, we stopped by a waterfront conch shack and enjoyed the beautiful views. Andrew Cox
Long Island Bahamas
A rum and Coke while you wait and watch the fresh conch salad being made from scratch. Andrew Cox
Fresh Conch Bahamas
Conch fresh out of the shell. Andrew Cox
Cutting Conch for Conch Salad
Prepping conch for the conch salad. Andrew Cox
Conch Salad Bahamas
A squeeze of lime completes the dish. Andrew Cox
conch salad bahamas
The final product: delicious fresh conch salad, a Bahamian specialty. Andrew Cox
Sunset Long Island Bahamas
The sun sets on the harbor in Long Island. Andrew Cox
Long Island Sunset Bahamas
A fantastic sunset on Long Island from the back porch at Rowdy Boys Bar and Grill in Clarence Town. Andrew Cox

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