Invincible 37 Cat: 2019 Boat Buyers Guide

The 37 Cat is a hardcore fisher that offers seakeeping ability, efficiency and all-speed maneuverability.

January 1, 2019
Courtesy Invincible Fishing boat on the water
LOA: 37′ | Beam: 12′ | Fuel Capacity: 550 gal. | Dry Weight: 14,000 lb. plus power | Max HP: 1,600 Courtesy Invincible

As a boat buyer, you might be asked, paraphrasing the server at your favorite diner inquiring about coffee sweetener, “One hull or two?”

Invincible’s patented ­monohull has one of the lowest drag coefficients in its class. On its Open Fisherman and Center Cabin boats, 33 to 42 feet long, an air-fed tunnel produces higher speeds with lower power, plus a more stable ride — all while maintaining supple maneuverability. Designed by naval architect Michael Peters, it’s a fast hull in which passengers stay dry and comfortable, even in rough seas.

Take the best from the Invincible monohull and double it, and you have the firm’s patent-pending catamaran hull, with that design’s additional stability.


Morelli & Melvin, America’s Cup sailing-yacht creators, created the hybrid semi-asymmetric design. The result? Monohull-like maneuverability with comfortable handling in even quartering and following seas.

A pod between Invincible cat hulls splits water to soften the ride, and even with their ­additional size, the cat fuel economy is comparable to a monohull.

Invincible 37 Cat
It might be hard to imagine a 37-foot boat being anyone’s little brother, but the new Invincible Cat holds that status relative to the company’s 40 Cat, mirroring the family traits of seakeeping ability, efficiency and all-speed maneuverability, but in a slightly smaller format.


Those accustomed to the 40 will recognize the 37’s two large insulated fish boxes midship. But elsewhere the view differs — the 37 has a flat transom and two long forward fish boxes in a different configuration. A pair of livewells still matches demands of 93 percent of survey respondents.

Select your choice of gunwale and console rod holders, perhaps opting for more, including the flanks of an optional coffin box, plus additional rod storage within gunwales. Storage abounds in the 37, speaking to cruisers who want to weekend in the Bahamas.

If it gets messy on the way over, chill and enjoy the ride behind a full-height heavy-duty acrylic windshield integrated into the hardtop supports for a sturdy and sleek look.


Fast and thrifty, the 37 Cat has a 550-gallon fuel capacity that all but begs for a trip to far-off fisheries. Once there, anglers move easily on its wide, single-level deck.

Survey Says: On Target

  • Dry, stable ride matches boater priorities
  • Livewells meet or exceed expectations

Owners Say

  • Very fishable, solid, fast and reliable
  • Stable platform with plenty of speed, and room for live bait and equipment

Invincible Says

  • Looks as good as it rides
  • The best (boats) for fishing, diving and cruising
  • Premium customer service and unprecedented attention to detail
  • Built to order, by hand, so customers can choose exactly the accessories they want

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