How to Make Dorado Sushi Nigiri

A terrific flavor sensation

Chef Roberto Arances from Denis Private Island resort in the Seychelles demonstrates his method for making dorado nigiri sushi, one of the most popular dishes with the guests of this very exclusive resort in the Indian Ocean. Sushi rice is known as nigiri in Japanese.

First, begin with the freshest fish you can find. Dorado (also known as mahimahi) is preferred but nearly any firm fish can be used. It must be very fresh though. Remove all the skin, bones and red bloodline from the fish fillet.

Begin the prep by slicing the fish crosswise across the grain into small, thin strips using a very sharp knife. A helpful tip is to dip the knife blade in rice vinegar to keep it from sticking to the fish.

Next, take a small amount of prepared short-grain sushi rice and place it beneath the dorado, shaping it into a small rectangle. Sushi is eaten all in one bite, so keep the pieces bite-sized.

Dorado nigiri is traditionally enjoyed with wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger and wasabi.