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Hemingway's Pilar Visits the Miami Boat Show

Video and photos of replica soon to star in film made a pit stop at MIBS 2016.

Hemingway Pilar Miami

An upcoming film about Hemingway and his Cuban fishing captain, Gregorio Fuentes, will be needing another co-star — The Pilar. The original Pilar, a 38-foot Wheeler Playmate is housed in the Museo Hemingway Finca Vigía in Havana, Cuba.

Christopher Balogh

Miami Boat Show Hemingway

Andy Garcia (actor, writer, and director) along with healthcare mogul Mike Fernandez restored a Wheeler Playmate that they found in upstate New York. Garcia wrote the screenplay for the film. He will also direct and portray Fuentes, along with Jon Voight as Hemingway.

Christopher Balogh

Hemignway Pilar Boat

This replica cost over $1 million and three years to restore.

Christopher Balogh

Hemingway Pilar Old Man

The original price that Hemingway paid, with modifications, came to the grand total of $7,495.

Christopher Balogh


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