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5 Different 12-Inch Lures with Incredibly Clear Heads

lurem in

lurem in

After losing two expensive lures within 30 seconds of each other — one to a barracuda and the other to a prop — Joey Kilmer of Palm Bay, Florida, decided that he could make a good lure for a lot less money. After finding out how hard it was to make nice lures, he gained new respect for lure makers. Since he was an unemployed engineer, he decided to give it a go, and he started his own company, Lure’M In.

There are five different 12-inch lures with incredibly clear heads, which Kilmer makes by hand in small batches to ensure quality control. He also makes two wahoo bullets and two mini-torpedoes. Each Lure’M In lure consists of a high-density plastic core that is hand-wrapped with holographic, color-changing lure tape, and several models also boast built-in rattles. Lure’M In uses only the finest resins on the market today, so the lures will not crack easily or discolor over time.

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