Nautical Cross Accessories

Two sizes fit 112-inch or 158-inch holders

You'll wonder how you got along without one - or two. The Nautical Cross (from the company of the same name) slips into your flush-mount rod holder, locks in and lets you tie off fenders and buoys to properly protect your boat from damage. Two sizes fit 112-inch or 158-inch holders. Made from finely polished, nonrusting aircraft aluminum and plastic liner, these little helpers lead the lineup of other useful products from Nautical Cross, like the Boarding Pole and Swinging Line Holder. The Boarding Pole is a temporary vertical bar that makes boarding a simpler, safer experience for both young and old. It slips and locks into a flush-mount rod holder in seconds. The Swinging Line Holder keeps your dock lines out of the water and easy to reach when returning to your slip. For more information, visit