Uno Mas 77′ Willis Marine

Willis Marine's new 77-foot Uno Mas

August 25, 2015
(1) rendering of uno mas 77.jpg
The Uno Mas 77′ 3D model rendering
(2) hull jig assembled.jpg
77′ Willis Marine jig assembled.
(3) stringers being placed into jig.jpg
Stringers being placed into the jig
(4) bottom planking.jpg
Bottom structure planked and prepped for glass
(5) bottom sanding.jpg
Bottom fiberglass sanding.
(6) foredeck jig.jpg
Fore deck jig being assembled
(7) cnc cutting foam for foredeck.jpg
CNC cutting foam for the fore deck
(8) foredeck bagging.jpg
Fore deck being ‘bagged’ to the jig
(9) layering fiberglass to bottom pplanking.jpg
Fiberglass being layered to the bottom planking
(10) hull planking.jpg
Hull is fully planked
(11) resin coated planking.jpg
Hull planks resin coated, and ready for glass
(12) pocketing trim tabs into the transom.jpg
Pocketing trim tabs into the transom
(13) fairing hull.jpg
Fairing the hull sides to create a smooth surface
(14) taking precsion to the next level.jpg
Lining up the shaft tube with laser precision
(15) hull flip.jpg
Hull #14 being flipped.
(16) cnc cutting engine vents.jpg
CNC machine intricately cutting the engine vents
(17) underwater exhuast taking shape.jpg
Underwater exhaust being installed

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