Engel Ice Box Conversion Kit

A Cooler Conversion

cooler conversion

cooler conversion

Being able to turn any cooler into a real refrigerator or freezer is — no pun intended — pretty cool. Owners of boats, RVs and cabins in remote locations have often desired to convert available space to a refrigerator or freezer. Now, with Engel’s new fridge/freezer Ice Box Conversion Kit, anyone with a need for refrigeration can get a complete set of high-quality, ready-to-install Engel components and build his own refrigerator/freezer or replace the cooling system of a broken or inefficient unit. An existing cooler can even be turned into an icebox or refrigerator!

The cooling unit will freeze up to a 50-quart capacity, assuming that 2 inches of insulation surround the bottom, sides and lid. It also provides refrigeration down to 40 degrees F for up to a 100-quart capacity. The system operates on 12/24 volts DC and 110 volts AC and automatically switches from DC to AC power when available.

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