Clean Dock Lines Easily

It's a snap to keep your dock lines clean and soft

Dock lines can get dirty, but it also costs a lot to replace them.John Bunton

Since you spend quite a bit of hard-earned money keeping your boat shipshape and ready for action, why would you tolerate tying up with a set of crusty, dirty dock lines? And since a good set of new lines can cost a pretty penny as well, why not prolong their life and keep them looking new?

One easy solution to keeping dock lines clean is running them through the washing machine.John Bunton

We’ve found that the easiest and least time-consuming way to clean dirty dock lines is to throw them in your washing machine, just like a pair of jeans. Run them on a high-agitation level with hot water and a normal dose of detergent. If you have white dock lines, throw in a bit of bleach to brighten them up as well. Don’t forget the fabric softener because it makes the lines come out of the washer clean and soft, just like new.