Crimping Pliers Storage Tip

A silicone oven mit is a perfect home for this essential tool

crimping pliers in cockpit
Crimping pliers fit perfect inside most oven mits.Capt. Chris Hood, Orange Beach, Alabama

One of the greatest challenges in the cockpit is to keep needed tools handy without scratching valuable surfaces like fighting chairs, rocket launchers or mezzanine tackle stations. One of these tools is your crimpers, which are vital for re-rigging when on the fishing grounds.

crimping pliers in cockpit
An oven mit is an effective storage trick for crimping pliers and keeps them nearby in the cockpit.Capt. Chris Hood, Orange Beach, Alabama

I store larger crimping pliers inside a silicone oven mitt. It works wonders. It not only prevents the pliers from scratching delicate surfaces found throughout the boat, but it also keeps them from sliding while using them to rig while underway. The best mitt I have found to do the job was picked up during an afternoon shopping trip at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but you might find something similar at any home-goods store.