Boat Review: Offshore Boats Professional S35

Witness the introduction of the handsome S35 by Offshore Boats Professional, based in beautiful Rome.

December 4, 2007


Though you may not know it, sport fishing represents a very popular pastime in the Mediterranean. You can find pretty good white marlin and bluefin tuna fishing in many places, like off the coast of Sardina and Morocco. With Italy’s reputation for building some of the world’s finest custom luxury yachts, it was only a matter of time before someone in Italy began building a fishing boat to export to America. Witness the introduction of the handsome S35 by Offshore Boats Professional, based in beautiful Rome.

As you can see by the rendering, this vessel blends typically American aesthetics (exaggerated bow flare, broken shear, substantial cockpit and raked superstructure lines) with Euro-styling (rounded gunwales and many radius curves, vertical transom tumblehome and lots of smoked Lucite).

Today, most European yacht builders employ advanced construction techniques, and Offshore Boats Professional proves no exception. The company builds the S35 from composite coring and multidirectional fiberglass, using a resin-infusion process to draw the high-quality epoxy resin through the laminate. To do this they lay the dry ingredients into the mold and cover it with a strong plastic cover. They then use a vacuum to force the epoxy through the laminate to get an even wetting and eliminate voids and bubbles in the finished product.


The owner and founder of Offshore Boats Professional, Alessandro Gioia, drew up the lines for the hull and commissioned marine designer Visus Yacht Division to address the interior.

Powered by a pair of Yanmar 440-hp turbo diesels, this 35’s projected speed (which should be realized by the time this comes out in print) tops out at a highly respectable 40 knots. However, with their small footprint and comparatively light weight, these Yanmars leave plenty of room to work in the express-style engine compartment.

Interestingly, where the exterior sports virtually no sharp angles, the interior has them in spades. A locker immediately at the base of the stairs to starboard allows you the luxury of hanging your wet gear without dripping your way through the cabin. A head to port abuts the small, midcabin galley. Opposite to starboard, an L-shaped settee and square dinette table with massive cabinetry outboard doubles as seat backs. Finally, you’ll find a small double cabin forward, also with loads of cabinet storage space. Combined with the dinette and another single, the S35 sleeps a total of four.


In recent years, foreign builders who’ve never enjoyed success in the American market have finally figured it out. It doesn’t matter how good a boat you build if you don’t address the required American aesthetic. Offshore Boats Professional blends the two design philosophies masterfully.

WEIGHT……18,850 pounds
FUEL……264 gallons**
WATER……79 gallons
T 440 hp Yanmars**
PRICE……Price on request

Offshore Boats Professional SRL / Rome, Italy / 011-39-06-5691793 /


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