Bluewater Chronicles: El Salvador International Billfish Tournament

504 sailfish and 14 blue marlin released in three days. El Salvador is on the rise.

In November, I traveled to the El Salvador International Billfish Tournament along with editor-in-chief Sam White. Held out of Bahia del Sol on the country's Pacific coast, the event attracts anglers from Washington D.C. to Costa Rica.

It's a tournament like no other. A micro-tournament, if you have to put a term on it. But, that's a good thing. This tournament brings a traditional vibe of competition. The vastness of this area makes the tournament feel private, as if your the only boat inside a hot spot that has a mess of sailfish and marlin.

If you're looking for a tournament with the right kind of action along with volcano-and-mountain views, El Salvador should be on the list.

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