The Billfish Foundation Announces Annual Award Winners

Leaders in conservation and research to be honored

The three Lifetime Achievement Award winners.Courtesy

The Billfish Foundation announced the winners of its prestigious Lifetime Achievement and its Club of Excellence awards for 2017.

Capt. Peter B. WrightCourtesy Capt. Peter B. Wright

The Winthrop P. Rockefeller Lifetime Achievement Award will honor Michael L. Farrior for his volunteer work in advancing responsible fishing, hosting trips for youth anglers and recuperating military veterans, and his dedication to sharing the history of fishing. Farrior is a member of the Tuna Club of Avalon.

Michael L. FarriorCourtesy Gregory Cain

Capt. Peter B. Wright will receive the John Rybovich Lifetime Achievement Award for his achievements as a sport-fishing captain. Wright introduced TBF to the benefits of nonoffset circle hooks and helped distribute thousands of them around the world.

Dr. Eric PrinceCourtesy Dr. Eric Prince

Dr. Eric Prince will accept the Paxton H. Offield Lifetime Science Achievement Award. Prince spearheaded the first international Atlantic billfish research program, encouraged TBF’s expansion of traditional and satellite tagging, and often provided the only scientific voice for billfish.

The West Palm Beach Fishing Club will be honored as the Club of Excellence, thanks to its initiatives benefiting conservation and science for many species. TBF will also recognize the Hatteras Marlin Club.