Biggest Marlin Ever Caught

An overview of All-Tackle IGFA world record marlin


July 13, 2021
Biggest Marlin Ever Caught

Biggest Marlin Ever Caught

These are the largest marlin and swordfish landed according to the International Game Fish Association’s Angling Rules. Courtesy IGFA

Have you ever scrolled through a series of marlin pictures and asked yourself, How big do marlin really get? Every angler dreams of that trophy catch, but every once in a while someone lands a fish so big that it completely rattles the record books.

While there have been bigger marlin landed commercially and by recreational anglers not in accordance with IGFA rules, the following gallery showcases the biggest marlin ever caught, officially speaking. These are the certified IGFA All-Tackle world records for black, Atlantic and Pacific blue, striped and white marlin. The size of these marlin represents the ultimate benchmark for anglers chasing the world’s biggest fish. Special thanks to the IGFA for providing the photos.

World Record Black Marlin

Black Marlin record

Black Marlin World Record

The world-record black marlin came from the fertile waters off Peru in the 1950s. IGFA

Weight: 1,560 pounds Angler: Alfred Glassell Jr. Location: Cabo Blanco, Peru Date: Aug. 4, 1953


Notes: Alfred Glassell Jr. of Houston caught this black marlin record after a 1 hour and 45 minute fight. The 174-inch largest black marlin fell for a mackerel trolled along the once-legendary Black Marlin Boulevard off Cabo Blanco. This catch might just stand the test of time.

World Record Pacific Blue Marlin

Pacific Blue Marlin

Pacific Blue Marlin World Record

Kona, Hawaii, is still a top destination for giant Pacific blue marlin like this one. IGFA

Weight: 1,376 pounds Angler: Jay de Beaubien Location: Kaaiwai Point, Kona Date: May 31, 1982

Notes: This world record blue marlin in Hawaii took a Kita lure and was landed in less than one hour. Jay de Beaubien caught this 193-inch fish using a Fin-Nor 12/0 reel and custom rod from Capt. Bobby Brown’s No Problem.


World Record Atlantic Blue Marlin

Atlantic Blue Marlin

Atlantic Blue Marlin World Record

Angler Paulo Amorim displays a replica mount of his Atlantic blue marlin world record from Brazil. IGFA

Weight: 1,402 pounds, 2 ounces Angler: Paulo Amorim Location: Vitoria, Brazil Date: Feb. 29, 1992

Notes: Paulo Amorim’s 162-inch blue marlin ate a pink-and-white Mold Craft Super Chugger and is the most recent record-breaker on our list.

World Record Striped Marlin

Striped Marlin record

Striped Marlin World Record

New Zealand is famed for its large striped marlin like this world record. IGFA

Weight: 494 pounds Angler: Bill Boniface Location: Tutukaka, New Zealand Date: January 16, 1986


Notes: Bill Boniface, a New Zealand native, fed this once-in-a-lifetime striped marlin a live kahawai.

World Record White Marlin

White Marlin record

White Marlin World Record

Brazil also produced the current world record white marlin. IGFA

Weight: 181 pounds, 14 ounces Angler: Evandro Coser Location: Vitoria, Brazil Date: Dec. 8, 1979

Notes: Brazilian angler Evandro Coser trolled a dead bait to land this 107.5-inch record white marlin, which weighed 181 pounds, 14 ounces.


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