Boat Building Gallery: American Custom Yachts

American Custom Yachts recently began construction on a new 66-footer that will incorporate revolutionary construction techniques and a design unlike any other American on the water. Stay tuned for the second part of their gallery coming soon and witness custom boat building continue in the American tradition. Here, the keel and stringers are being fitted on the custom steel jig, computer-designed and plasma-cut to exacting specifications to ensure absolute accuracy.
The chine is being fitted on the jig.
The first layer of bottom planking is applied.
Installation is complete on hull’s three layers of bottom planking.
The longitudinal battens and shear line are being shaped in preparation for the planking of the hull sides.
The hull sides are fully planked and the hull is being prepped for glassing.
The windshield is glassed and braced.
Foam is being fitted to the forward house jig.
The hull is fully glassed and being prepped for glazing and fairing.
The house sides are vacuum bagged while the bridge construction continues on the shop floor.
Hull fairing is underway.
The lower deck sole is ready for fitting.
Hull fairing continues.
Hull is in primer stage.
Hull is rolled over.
The inner hull is reinforced with Kevlar while the engine bed stringers are built up with additional deadwood.