Easy Bimini Twist Knot Indicators

It can be tough to locate the knot to the Bimini twist during the fight so adding a bright color can help

June 21, 2016

We all look forward to that moment in a long fight when the double line knot appears. When fishing tournaments, it is also crucial that when the wind-on or swivel touches the rod tip, the fish is counted as a release. The knot to the Bimini twist can be hard to see when backing down and white water is being thrown everywhere.

waxed floss around Bimini twist knot
A simple waxed-floss indicator on the Bimini twist knot allows captains and mates to easily identify when the leader is close to the rod tip. Courtesy Capt. Woody Woods

Consequently, I have started wrapping my Biminis with red waxed floss to aid in seeing the double line knot. It’s bright enough that I can see it from the bridge and my mate can identify it in the white water and ready himself for the leader. To do this, simply take 12 inches or so of red floss and whip the Bimini knot with a series of half hitches. It also helps to hold the tag end flush with the knot.


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