Keep Extra Gaffs On Board

When it comes to gaffs: more is better

using gaffs on sport-fishing boat
It's best to have several gaffs ready — and in varying sizes — just to be prepared.Capt. Jason Walcott

Whether chasing world records, tournament wins or the fish of your dreams, one gaff is never enough. Having several gaffs ready — and in several different sizes — can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

A good shot with a small gaff is usually more likely, but when using a gaff that is too small, you run the risk of a hot fish straightening it out. Flying gaffs can detach and become useless. Having a backup gaff clipped on and ready is important. I have used as many as four flying gaffs on a single fish. Keeping a heavy straight gaff and a meat hook ready is also standard when we plan on taking a large fish. Overkill does not apply when it comes to gaffs — you can never have too many.