Tournament Cable Tier-Drop Dredges

Tier-Drop dredges come in 18-, 24 and 36-inch models

You'll probably find some sort of dredge teaser behind almost every boat in the ocean these days, especially among those trolling the Gulf Stream off of Florida during the winter sailfish season. Rigged with naturals or plastics, in single-, double- or even triple-stacked configurations, they raise fish. Tournament Cable's Tier-Drop dredges come with a variety of features that make them easy to use. Each arm is hinged so it can move with the flow of currents and the prop wash, which gives the baits a more natural presentation. Tier-Drop dredges come in 18-, 24 and 36-inch models with six or eight arms. All are rigged with a connecting cable and heavy snap swivels - at just the right lengths for connecting multiple dredges. They come rigged with 3-D stick baits or empty for those wanting to use their own natural or artificial baits. Visit or call 800-979-3474 for more information.