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fathom hooks

fathom hooks

There are almost as many ways to build a lure hook-set as there are fellows pulling lures. Some guys like double hooks, others single; while some like their hooks riding point up, others prefer their hooks riding at a certain angle, and still others like their hooks swinging in the wash! The boys at Fathom Offshore avoided all the hype and started building a professional series of hook-sets that model the preferred single-hook style.

These aircraft-cable hook-sets come in four different sizes, ranging from 61/2 to 103/4 inches, to handle almost any size of lure. The cable tests out at 2,400 pounds, so it’s not going to separate or chafe — ever. All components are made from stainless steel, so you won’t run across any corrosion issues. These rigs are swaged with a 40-ton circular press that actually forges the hook to the wire.

For more information, visit fathomoffshore​.com.