Sol Cool Tarpon Hoody

A Hoodie on the Water

Sol Cool Tarpon Hoodie

Sol Cool Tarpon Hoodie

You see them everywhere these days: face masks with built-in hoods that cover the entire head to block the sun. They first rose to popularity among the inshore crowd, but they are spreading to offshore cockpits as well. And as much as you need to put on sunscreen, there’s no better way to stay cool than by covering up completely. You never see a person who lives in the desert wandering around with bare skin exposed!

The Sol Cool Tarpon Hoody lives up to its name on hot days. The shirt’s UPF 50-plus rating — the highest possible rating for a garment — protects skin from the sun even when wet, and the intelligent moisture control works efficiently to keep you dry. Underarm gussets provide maximum mobility, and the active stretch fabric is odor resistant. The shirt may be named the Tarpon Hoody, but any marlin fisherman standing on a hot deck would surely appreciate one.

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