White Marlin Open 2013

Top-notch teams descend upon Ocean City, Maryland, for the White Marlin Open 40th anniversary tournament.

White Marlin Hit Scales on Day Two at the WMO At zero-dark early, 220 of the 262 teams fishing the White Marlin Open headed out to fish Day Two of this 40th-anniversary event. When the exhaust smoke cleared, three teams weighed in the first qualifying white marlin of the event. Billfisher took the lead with its 77-pounder caught by angler Jeremy Duffie. If the fish holds, it could be worth about $980,000 to the boat's crew. Only one half-pound behind Billfisher is the team onboard Reel Estate with John Morton's 76-½ -pound fish and is currently at $90,000. Rounding out the top three was the crew of Full Pull where angler William Turbeville II bested a 72-½ -pound white that may bring the team up to $60,000. And just like day one, bigeye tuna made a significant appearance at the Harbor Isle scales. The anglers of the boat Mia Joes (a.k.a. MJ's), weighed not one, but two tuna taking over both first and second place in the division. The crew's first fish, caught by angler Jeremy Gers, weighed in a whopping 248.5 pounds. Not to be outdone, fellow angler and teammate Dante Soriente bagged a 233.5-pounder. These two fish are currently valued at about $231,000. The crew of Ocean Dan-Sar with fisherman John Coleman weighed in a 148.5-pound tuna to take fourth place and about $19,000, if the board remains unchanged through Friday. The first qualifying wahoo of the week also showed up on Tuesday, 41- and 40-pounders, respectively. James Shenk aboard the Heavy Metal caught the current first place fish and Chris Cichocks from team Out-Rea-Geous nabbed the second-place 'hoo. Fishing conditions look favorable for today and many teams should be heading off to earn a spot on that leaderboard. Hey, the blue marlin category is still wide open. But will it be tomorrow?Capt. Patrick Sciacca
Day Two crowdsCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Fourth-place tuna at the scales - Ocean Dan-SarCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Frayed Knot's cockpit lightsCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Good view for the weigh-inCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Lines inCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Running out hardCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Sunrise on the edgeCapt. Patrick Sciacca
C-dock flags at Sunset MarinaCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Sunset Marina welcome signCapt. Patrick Sciacca
First-place wahoo for Day TwoCapt. Patrick Sciacca
White at the scalesCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Tuna Take Center Stage on Day One at the White Marlin Open The crowd grew quickly in both size and excitement — 262 boats fished the first day of the White Marlin Open (WMO) and a blue marlin was coming to the scales at 4:45 p.m. Soon several hundred people squeezed around the weigh-in station at Harbor Isle Marina to catch a glimpse of the big billfish. In short order, the vessel Reel Direct came along the face dock with a single blue marlin flag flying right-side up. You could hear a pin drop as WMO officials stretched a tape measure across the fish's length. Then came the announcement: 103 1/2 inches, just one-and-a-half-inches short of meeting the tournament minimum length to weigh the fish. But it was a solid catch and a great kickoff to the 40th White Marlin Open. The bigeye tuna soon followed. And when the smoke cleared, after a couple of 180-pound-class fish came in and left, Tarheel took the tuna category lead with a 226-pound eyeball, which is currently worth around $360,000. Goin In Deep is holding onto second with a 200-pounder valued at $65,000. Third place in the tuna category is currently held by Team Player with a 50-pounder worth $19,000. A 29.5-pound dolphin is leading that division and could land the Incorrigible team $19,000 if it holds. Trash Man's 25-pounder is at second and valued at $3,000 while Triple Bypass' 20-pound dolphin is at $2,000. Two white marlin that qualified for the tournament as far as length did not meet the minimum weights. But there’s four more days of fishing left and today is another day. The weather looks great and there’s a $1 million marlin out there… waiting. Stay tuned to MarlinMag.com for more daily updates and photos from the White Marlin Open.Capt. Patrick Sciacca
Reel Direct's blue marlin at the scalesCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Business - 55 Viking with a white marlin releaseCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Crowds at the weigh-in partyCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Crowds at the docksCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Full Pull with a white marlin releaseCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Galot 3 with two whites releasedCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Game TimeCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Reel Direct - Blue marlin ended coming just short of the minimum length for weigh-inCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Drinks at the Reel InnCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Scales ready for the weigh-inCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Crowds at the scalesCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Sunrise over Sunset Marina in Ocean City, Maryland, on Day 1 of the 40th anniversary White Marlin Open.Capt. Patrick Sciacca
Get your White Marlin Open t-shirt!Capt. Patrick Sciacca
Viking70 with five white marlin releasedCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Viking EBCapt. Patrick Sciacca
White marlin releaseCapt. Patrick Sciacca
There can be only one… More than 260 top-notch billfish teams from both around the corner and far-flung waypoints descended upon Ocean City, Maryland, this past weekend in preparation for the White Marlin Open, which starts Monday, August 5. There is about $2.4 million in total prize money up for grabs, and it also happens to be the tournament’s 40th anniversary year. Area marinas were busier than New York’s Grand Central Station on Sunday as a large number of teams planned to take advantage of Monday’s favorable weather forecast. Upturned buckets strewn the docks as mates turned frozen mullet and ‘hoo into dredge-worthy baits and the sound of drags being tested sang out in symphonic precision all afternoon. As the sun went down on Sunday night, the docks grew quiet and anglers hit the rack early for what is sure to be a busy week of flying flags, great triumph and at least a fish story or two. Stay tuned to MarlinMag.com for updates from the White Marlin Open all week long. For now, here’s a look around the docks from this year’s tourney (so far).Capt. Patrick Sciacca
Canyon Express - 57 BaylissCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Canyon Express - 57 BaylissCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Harbour IslandCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Jarrett Bay BoatworksCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Rigging baitCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Drag testing on the Viking Miss MagnoliaCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Reel Estate - 42 Ritchie HowellCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Reelin Dealin - BlackwellCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Caliente - Scott WalkerCapt. Patrick Sciacca
SeaVee 430Capt. Patrick Sciacca
Shimano 130Capt. Patrick Sciacca
Sunset Marina at sunsetCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Sunset Ship's Store - Got the IslanderCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Tournament Yacht SalesCapt. Patrick Sciacca
Viking YachtsCapt. Patrick Sciacca