Winter Custom Yachts 63 Review

She's sleek, fast and modern--and all Carolina

The Winter Custom Yachts 63 on the water.
Boujie roars past the camera boat during her sea trials. Courtesy Winter Custom Yachts/Fish Hunt Photo

Boujie is Tim Winters’ latest in sexy. While her looks are impressive, be advised: She is a serious fishing platform with everything necessary to be a global tournament competitor. As I walked down the dock at Morehead City Yacht Basin, the faux-teak transom adorned with gold leaf was sparkling and familiar; the remainder, however, was not. Boujie appears to be running 40 knots at the dock, and Winters continues to push himself to deliver a boat that surpasses the one before it while still retaining many of the Carolina fundamentals—and that speaks volumes.

The new U-channeled house-to-bridge joint is unique for two reasons. First, the bridge is not inset on the house, which provides more room up top with a look that is especially stunning for a Carolina boat. And second, it’s functional, providing a larger channel for water to drain, with a wider drip cap that doubles as a handrail: smart. The windows are also ­flush-mounted: sleek.

The cockpit and fighting chair of the Winter Custom Yachts 63.
The cockpit and fighting chair of the Winter Custom Yachts 63. Courtesy Winter Custom Yachts/Fish Hunt Photo

Cockpit and Mezzanine

The cockpit is laid out for catching a variety of pelagics, with a typical transom fish box hosting an ­80-gallon livewell. On deck, two additional 60-gallon Wicked Wells bait tanks can be deployed utilizing quick-connect hoses. And if that’s not enough, eight tuna tubes are at your disposal. The beauty of this setup is found in the Pentair pool pump that has the ­capacity and volume to supply all the livewells and tuna tubes simultaneously.


From stem to stern, and along each side of the keel, a 2-inch fiberglass ­common drain is foamed and glassed for drainage in each ­compartment. These drains are connected to a key-fob-­activated Wallace Marine Willy Vac system to ensure all areas below deck stay dry.

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The transom door is a piece of art, with zero tolerances and a custom-made, integrated hinge; there is no visible sign of the hardware on the transom or in the cockpit, adding to its beauty and functionality. Under the gunwales on each side lives the 50-amp shore power, 12- and 24-volt electrical outlets, a dockside water hookup to the Spot Zero, along with gaff and chamois storage.


A Release Marine 130-pound-class chair is centered in the cockpit, and each of the massive macerated fish boxes sports a ­capacity of almost 200 gallons; the Seakeeper 16 resides in a watertight hatch forward of the chair, where it can be ­easily serviced or upgraded.

The mezzanine layout consists of an icebox, two bait freezers, two drink boxes, and one box reserved for general storage. The port side of the mezz is generously air-­conditioned, can accommodate three people, and provides a storage box in the armrest. Soft corners give shape and style to the seat, and the starboard-side cabinet contains a grill, drawer storage and cockpit controls.

The interior salon and galley of the Winter Custom Yachts 63.
The boat’s salon is laid out for comfort even on extended trips. Courtesy Winter Custom Yachts/Fish Hunt Photo


Entering the salon through a JR Beers-powered teak door, the layout is spacious, with horizontal walnut grain throughout. Just inside, a large cabinet to starboard contains the ship’s electrical panel, ample storage and a 54-inch television. Winters built a custom L-shaped sofa with cavernous storage for tackle and rods, as well as an end table forward to harbor a wine chiller. Two bar stools provide seating at the immense countertop. The bar kick is adorned in leather for a distinct departure from classic wood. Inside the galley, the leather theme continues, wrapping the three locking Sub-Zero drawer fronts.


The galley accommodates a microwave, hidden cooktop, and garbage disposal. Throughout, the cabinets are voluminous and provide ample custom storage for cookware, dinnerware and flatware. All the cabinets utilize a garage-door-style vertical lift assembly with ­positive latches for easy access. The dinette, with custom storage underfoot, sits directly across from the galley.

The interior stateroom of the Winter Custom Yachts 63.
The interior stateroom of the Winter Custom Yachts 63. Courtesy Winter Custom Yachts/Fish Hunt Photo

Down the companionway stairs leads to two sunken mirrored staterooms, each with a queen lower bunk and a twin upper. Rod storage is also provided, as well as a 42-inch TV. The starboard cabin is fitted with a Garmin 8616 multifunctional display for the captain to monitor at his convenience.

Forward and to starboard, the laundry/tackle room is impressive, with a full-size washer and dryer, and customized drawers for lures, terminal tackle, reels and rod-butt storage.


The master stateroom is all the way forward, with an en suite head and shower in the bow at the stem. The master is exquisite, continuing the blend of walnut and leather details and storage inside every cabinet.

The helm and displays of the Winter Custom Yachts 63.
The peninsula-style helm has plenty of room for big-screen displays. Courtesy Winter Custom Yachts/Fish Hunt Photo


The bridge is laid out in a peninsula style, with two helm chairs, a starboard-side bench seat and double bench seats forward of the helm ­station—the lower concealing a freezer, the upper a drink box. The dash contains three flush-mounted Garmin 8622s and a tidy row of labeled Bocatech switches along the bottom. Left of the helm, a box hides the engine ignitions, SeaStar’s Optimus steering control head and a ­tethered remote for the Furuno Omni sonar. The starboard bridge-wing seat contains a customized rod-storage ­compartment; cleaning supplies, a ­freshwater washdown hose and an air-compressor fitting is located under the forward cabinet. Safety ­equipment is found forward in the brow void.

Two Miya Epoch US-9R teaser reels rest in the hardtop, with additional room to mount two more. Winters installed the autopilot control head above the helm chair to make it easy to reach without leaving the chair.

The stark white and clean engine room of the Winter Custom Yachts 63.
The 1,925 Cat C32 engines fit comfortably in the engine room, with plenty of room for maintenance access. Courtesy Winter Custom Yachts/Fish Hunt Photo

Engine Room and Performance

Through the mezzanine hatch, you drop between twin Caterpillar 1,925 hp C32 ACERT engines, paired with Twin Disc MGX QuickShift gears. Everything you would expect to find in a traveling boat resides here, including a C2.2 CAT generator, a Spot Zero-integrated watermaker system, custom toolbox, and ice maker. There are numerous redundant systems to keep you going while abroad, including an ElectroSea Clearline system. For easy cleanup and maintenance, the engine room is also equipped with a Willy Vac, and contains an air compressor and both fresh cold- and hot-water ­spigots, and to keep everything quiet, WCY utilizes Pyrotek acoustic-thermal liners to subdue the ambient engine noise in the salon.

The rear view of the transom of the Winter Custom Yachts 63.
The rear view of the transom of the Winter Custom Yachts 63. Courtesy Winter Custom Yachts/Fish Hunt Photo

Boujie displayed ­excellent handling as we put her through tight turns at speed and while backing up. She is both nimble and ­responsive, allowing quick work of releasing billfish. Able to stay on plane at a mere 14 knots, pushing up the throttles to 1,800 rpm expects a comfortable 33-knot cruise; 2,100 rpm and she’s on the edge of 40 knots; and a fully loaded top end rockets out at 44 knots.

Winters set this 63 convertible’s goal to achieve an upscale, high-profile, distinguished appearance with all the classic, conventional Carolina elements the custom-boat market calls for in the 21st century. And after spending a few hours on her, at my pleasure indeed, Boujie sure lives up to her distinction.

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Winter Custom Yachts 63 Specs

  • LOA: 63′
  • Beam: 18’3″
  • Draft: 5’5″
  • Displ: 88,000 lb.
  • Fuel: 1,800 gal.
  • Water: 250 gal.
  • Power: CAT C32 ACERT, 1,925 hp
  • Gear/Ratio: Twin Disc/2.03:1
  • Propellers: CJR, 5-blade
  • Paint: Alexseal, Cloud White
  • Climate Control: Dometic

This article originally appeared in the March 2022 issue of Marlin.


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