Busy Little Bee

Just shipped off the 30th Anniversary Issue of Marlin, I imagine some of you subscribers have all ready received it. It was a bear getting that bugger out of here, and it made me late getting started on the November issue, which goes out the door in a couple of days. This boy has been sweating!

To top it all off I leave for Tropic Star Lodge this Friday, the day after the magazine ships, to attend a session of Marlin University. I get back in seven days, and then turn around two days later and do another Marlin U in Cabo San Lucas! Yeah, it sounds like a lot of fun ­ right up to the time I get back to the office and realize I have to ship the December/January issue just two weeks later ­ with the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show thrown if for good measure! I don't have a clue as to when I'm going to get it all done! I'll just endeavor to persevere!

I'm really looking forward to my trip back to Tropic Star. This will make my third visit to the lodge and its one of those spots that makes my top five list of best places to fish in the word (It comes in a close second to the Great Barrier Reef off Australia on my list.) Although I spend most of my time there pursuing billfish, some of my fondest memories of the place involve hopping into a little aluminum johnboat and exploring the small islets that dot the Panamanian coastline. Trolling lipped plugs along the rocks attracts a hoard of different species ­ some totally unfamiliar.

Huge jack crevalle and giant snappers can really rip the line off your reel, and you lose quite a few of the big bruisers to the rocks, but it's still exciting to see them smash a top water plug.

Like I said, I'll be gone for awhile, so if you have any pressing business with the magazine, be sure to tap our new Editor in Chief, Scott Shane at scotts.shane@bonniercorp.com. Adios!